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With over 20 years experience with medical imaging technologies including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasound, Microscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Shane brings a wealth of skills including project management, software design and development with emphasis on 3D graphics and image processing, and a creative approach to tough technical problems.


Throughout his career, Shane has served as a project manager, software developer, consultant, inventor, and entrepreneur. During 7 years as Vice President of R&D for Toronto-based Ophthalmic Technologies, Inc. (OTI, now part of Optos), he assembled and supervised a team of specialists in software, electronics and mechanics to develop new ophthalmic imaging devices (A- and B-scan ultrasound, OCT) for the world market. More recently, he developed a series of software-based ultrasound products for Sonomed, Inc. and Escalon Vascular Access. Most recently, he developed device firmware and server-side software for a new intelligent utilities metering system.


  • PhD Computer Science, University of Western Ontario, 1995.
  • MSc Computer Science, UWO, 1988
  • BSc Computer Science, UWO, 1987

US Patents

  • 6,626,834 Spiral scanner with electronic control (2003)
  • 6,461,298 Three-dimensional imaging system (2002)
  • 6,378,376 Ultrasound transducer mounting assembly (2002)
  • 6,334,847 Enhanced image processing for a three-dimensional imaging system (2002)
  • 6,198,956 High speed sector scanning apparatus having digital electronic control (2001)
  • 5,964,707 Three-dimensional imaging system (1999)
  • 5,842,473 Three-dimensional imaging system (1998)
  • 5,454,371 Method and system for constructing and displaying three-dimensional images (1995)


Shane's post-graduate research concerned formatting and recognition of structured graphics (also known as "visual languages") including music notation and electronic schematic diagrams. At the Imaging Research Labs at the Robarts Research Institute in London, Ontario, he developed the technique of frequency-domain volume rendering. Also at the Imaging Labs, he became lead software developer for a three-dimensional ultrasound imaging system which has been widely licensed around the world (see e.g., VisualSonics implementation).

Product Development

Shane has developed four ophthalmic ultrasound products that have been brought to market, in addition to various prototype systems. He has also contributed to the design of OCT products. In all these projects, he recruited and managed the research team, worked closely with equipment manufacturers and suppliers, created new product applications, worked with and advised clinical associates, advanced research and development, and tested and evaluated products. Most notably, Shane was the principal designer and developer of the highly successful OTI-scan 1000, a 3D-capable A/B-scan ophthalmic ultrasound system, of which nearly 1000 are in daily use worldwide.


Since 2005, Shane has served as a consultant to several companies. Projects include:

  • Four years with Sonomed Escalon, Inc. in particular the Master-Vu product line.
  • BIAT neurofeedback software for Evoke Neuroscience Inc. (New York, North Carolina)
  • Technical contributions to BrainGamers Club, an experimental neurofeedback program for FASD-affected children underway at University of the Fraser Valley (Abbotsford, BC).
  • Firmware and server-side software development of the IntelliH2O metering system for the Capstone Metering (Texas).
  • Ongong work on advanced neurofeedback with Cerebral Diagnostics Inc. (Toronto).
  • Development of an Automatic Vehicle Location / Mobile Data Acquisition and Telemetry system (in-vehicle computer and firmware, wireless communications middle tier, and server/web software) for Navigo Solutions, Inc. (Kingston, Ontario).
  • Prototyping and software development for Biosign Technologies Inc. (Toronto) related to acquisition and analysis of cardiac pulse signals for health monitoring.
  • Software development for a 3D tracking system for use in computer aided orthopedic surgery (later released commercially as the Trigen Sureshot) for Smith & Nephew (Mephis, Tennessee).

NOTE: Due to confidentiality agreements still in force, the above list is not exhaustive.


Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Tomography of the Eye. H. John Shammas MD, Shane Dunne, Yale L. Fisher MD. NovaCoast Pub. Co. 1998. ISBN 0-9684731-0-5.

Intraocular Lens Power Calculations. H. John Shammas MD. Slack Inc. 2004. ISBN 1-55642-652-6. I contributed the chapter on physical principles of A-scan ultrasound.

Curriculum Vitae

Here is Shane's CV in PDF form.


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