Recent Projects

Audio/Music Programming

UNIFY: Commercial audio app and plugin
AudioKit: Open-source MacOS/iOS audio frameowrk
AudioKitNet: Network-accessible real-time DSP services
NetVST: Software permitting VST plugins to work across a network and on Macs (precursor to AudioKitNet)

Audio with JUCE

Starting From Scratch with JUCE:What the online tutorials don't tell you
JUCE Parameter Automation (Part 1 and Part 2)
VanillaJuce: Simple, complete synthesizer plugin based on JUCE 5.3
SARAH: FFT-based synthesizer plugin derived from VanillaJuce

Coding Practices

Modernizing the VanillaJuce Code Base:Purging outdated practices in C++ 
JUCE and Parameter Automation: Exploring DAW.plugin integration

Graphics/Imaging/ Web/Tablet

Voxvu: Interactive voxel visualization program for Windows
Ceili Tunebook: Web and tablet software for managing  Celtic music charts

Consulting Projects

Sonomed Escalon Inc.: Developed the Master-Vu product line.

Evoke Neuroscience Inc: Developed BIAT neurofeedback software 

University of the Fraser Valley: Technical contributor to BrainGamers Club, an experimental neurofeedback program for FASD-affected children 

Capstone Metering Inc.: Developer of firmware and server-side software development of the IntelliH2O  metering system

Cerebral Diagnostics Inc.:  Contributor and advisor to advanced neurofeedback projects 

Navigo Solutions Inc.: Developer of an Automatic Vehicle Location / Mobile Data Acquisition and Telemetry system (in-vehicle computer and firmware, wireless communications middle tier, and server/web software) 

Biosign Technologies Inc.:  Software and prototype developer related to acquisition and analysis of cardiac pulse signals for health monitoring.

Smith & Nephew Inc.: Developer of a 3D tracking system for use in computer aided orthopedic surgery (later released commercially as the Trigen Sureshot


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Intraocular Lens Power Calculations. H. John Shammas MD. Slack Inc. 2004. ISBN 1-55642-652-6. I contributed the chapter on physical principles of A-scan ultrasound.